The effectiveness of any dust control system involves a detailed analysis of customer problems

EcoTech will adapt the solutions it offers depending on:

Dust type: made from flour, glass, plastic, wood, metals, etc.

Dust characteristics: product type, particle size, density, relative humidity, temperature, explosivity, etc.

Specific technical characteristics, dust collector location, explosion risk, etc.

The operating principle of a dust extraction system:

1. Absorption / particle capture

The primary efficiency of an exhaust system depends largely on the design concept of the capture mouth. The more the capture is closer to the dust source, the smaller the flow of air required.

EcoTech engineers make all the calculations to give you the best capture system.

2. Particle transport

Taking into account the dynamic air flow laws and the economic constraints, we will determine the optimum transport speeds of the dust. A low airflow rate can cause blockages in the duct, but at the same time a too high air velocity will require a larger engine and increase the risk of abrasion.

3. Separation of particles, filtration and air treatment

We offer certified filtration units according to EU standards for each application, because we are authorized distributors in Romania of the world's largest air filtration and treatment companies.

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