The challenges of industrial filtration

We are specialists in solutions for filtering VOCs, smoke, gases, vapors and particulates up to 0.4 microns.

The metal, rubber, foundry and glass industry generates fine particles, oil vapor or steam in the manufacturing process.

In poorly ventilated production units there are dense beds of fog, steam or dense fumes in the atmosphere, with a characteristic smell, very harmful to the environment and production personnel.

An appropriately designed industrial filtering installation will include the following functions:

  1. Local capture near the airborne emission source with particles near the emission source
  2. Separation and filtration of particulate air
  3. General ventilation for the disposal of residual pollutants (which are not collected on their emissions)
  4. Compensation of exhaust air
  5. Evacuate polluted air and purify it before it is released into the atmosphere

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